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Workplace & Employment


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We are always close to our clients both in good times when companies are expending and new personnel is necessary, as well as when the business is constricting and employees need to be reassigned or let go. Therefore, in doing so, we help our clients in drafting and negotiating clear HR documentation, follow the regulatory requirements when redesigning their personnel structure or taking over/transferring employees following a merger/spin-off procedure, in order to avoid unnecessary litigation as well as implement companywide compliant HR management processes. In some cases, we assist also the managers or employees and help them in negotiating their employment or management agreements.

Core practice area


Our lawyers specialize in providing advice and support to clients on:

  • Drafting and review of labour agreements

  • Dismissals and transfer / restructuring of personnel

  • Internal regulations / codes of conduct

  • Individual and collective employment aspects of mergers and acquisitions

  • Analysis of international detachment cases and mobility packages, preparation of detachment documents, analysis of specific elements

  • Data protection in relation to employees

  • Assistance to transfer of employees as a result of the transfer of company

  • Top managers and directors’ arrangements

  • Due diligence (detailed report on compliance with labor law)

  • Restructuring and reorganization projects

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