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Legal assistance in respect of the classification, protection and regulation of the new technology products developed by clients in respect of the current regulatory provisions; 

Legal advice regarding the protection, execution, licensing / subcontracting, use, transfer and representation in front of the Romanian courts in relation to a wide range of copyrights, trademarks, designs, as well as software, trademarks, inventions;  

Audit of personal data in view of GDPR implementation,  
Implementation of GDPR provisions; 

Monitoring of the GDPR implementation; 
Performing tasks specific to the Data Protection Officer (DPO) function; 

Drawing up and observing procedures and policies on money laundering (AML) and know your customer (KYC). 

Legal assistance in respect of the operations, transfer and protection of data bases and software, of websites, of mobile apps, of e-commerce and marketplate platforms, of electronic signatures and media content. 

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