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Regulatory & Compliance


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Using a results-oriented approach we navigate through many aspects of business, law, GDPR, regulation and policy driving success for our clients requirements to launch, authorise or carry out their activity in highly regulated industries such as Banking and Finance, HORECA, IT&C, Energy, Oil and Gas, Transport or Agriculture.

Core practice area


Our lawyers specialize in providing advice and support to clients on:

  • Representation in front of licensing and concession authorities

  • Advisory on regulatory requirements

  • Regulatory aspects pertaining to property development and management

  • Complex rules and regulations compliance

  • Governmental and EU procedures

  • Enforcement related issues

  • Applying for and obtaining of permits and licenses in sectors where this is a legal requirement (telecoms, pharma, energy, healthcare)

  • All aspects of international trade

  • Day to day regulatory matters

  • Assistance and representation in connection with all aspects of data protection law and practice

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Practice areas