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Real Estate & Construction


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Everybody needs a place to call home or an office from where to conquer the world, in our real estate department we help our clients deliver these dreams by supporting them in developing, acquiring or leasing both office buildings and residential projects. Our services are focused on verifying that the ownership titles are correct, valid and sometimes even insured, the developed projects respect the land utilization, zoning and administrative regulations, the acquisition and disposals of real estate assets are completed only after a thorough due diligence and after each issue was fully discussed and negotiated and the relationship with the general contractor was clearly established and documented.

Core practice area


Our lawyers specialize in providing advice and support to clients on:

  • Due diligence

  • Assets acquisitions and disposals

  • Drafting and negotiating transaction documents

  • Leasing agreements and asset management

  • Real estate investment financing or refinancing agreements

  • Negotiating and servicing the performance of construction works agreements

  • Infrastructure delivery agreements, from selecting a contractor through negotiation, conclusion and execution of agreements

  • Construction, environmental and regulatory matters

  • Complex legal and legal-tax analyses of real properties

  • Sale and acquisition by share and asset deals

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